Łukasz Ciepiela
Łukasz Ciepiela
lukaszciepiela@gmail.com+48 600 046 309

I live in Cracow, I am a happy husband and father.

My goal is to take you back to those important and crazy moments when you see your photos.

I accompany you through the time of preparations, the wedding ceremony and the wedding party itself, looking for emotions and feelings from your day.

I invite you to a meeting in Krakow - we will talk about what you like and how you spend your free time because the photos will describe you. If you love to ride a bike, climb or eat ice cream, tell me about it and I will create a story tailored specially for you.

You can also influence the direction of post-production of your photos.

We can do a wedding photo session anywhere. It can be done on a different day or on a wedding day in a shorter time.



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